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Listen to the History of Fredericksburg

on September 11th, 2014

rappahannock river

Fredericksburg and the Civil War are closely connected, and the historic area has a number of great stories to tell. From the perspectives of those in the war, to the sights and sounds of the battlefield, to the stories of those witnessing the war in real time, the area of Fredericksburg was home to plenty of history.

The Fredericksburg Tourism Partnership has provided a number of great resources to explore this history, specifically audio and video podcasts. Historians such as John Hennessy and Frank O’Reilly navigate the area and offer insights and commentary on these tracks. In addition to being able to enjoy a video form of the sights, each episode can be used as a one-of-a-kind tour experience, with a downloadable audio file and map available to tour the areas for yourself and look at these historic areas.

These podcasts and their corresponding files are available for free on the Fredericksburg Visitor Center website here:  http://www.visitfred.com/podcasts. Try them out for a firsthand look at the history in the area of Fredericksburg.