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Buying A Home

How a Coldwell Banker Elite Sales Associate can help you Achieve your Goals:

It is important to understand Real Estate Market conditions tend to be very localized. The market conditions in our area are very different than market conditions of other markets in the United States. It is important to consider the factors that drive our local market conditions when making your decision to purchase your new home. I live and work in the same market area you are in. Because of my deep roots in our local community, I am able to provide you with a wealth of information about all of our local communities and market – information that will enable you to be a better equipped and informed home buyer.

Understanding your wants and needs
The first thing I will do is listen. I take the time to listen so that I can understand what it is you are truly looking for in a home. Based on your needs, I will work with you to determine the set of essential elements you are looking for in your new home. After this set of criteria is established, it will help you make a concise and informed decision about your new home purchase.

Obtaining a pre-approval
After you decide what it is you are looking for, the next step is to get pre-approved. While always a critical part of any Real Estate transaction, pre-approvals have become even more important in today’s market. A strong pre-approval letter from a reputable financial institution can not only assure you of funds at settlement, but may also enable your contract to become potentially more attractive to a seller in a competitive situation.

Preparing and negotiating your offer
I am an experienced negotiator and a skilled author of Real Estate contracts. Because poorly written contracts can cause problems and issues during the transaction and at settlement, a well thought out and carefully crafted contract is essential to a smooth Real Estate experience. You can rest assured that not only will I help craft a great contract, I will also negotiate hard to ensure your interests are protected during the transaction.

I will manage the contract from date of ratification through settlement
A ratified sales contract is just the beginning of the home purchase process. In this era of stringent oversight and increased scrutiny, it is imperative you have a seasoned professional who can shepherd your contract from acceptance to settlement. There are usually various inspections to do and contingencies to be met before the final sale of a home can be complete. My pledge is to work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure that all the conditions of the contract are met in a timely fashion – so that you can transition smoothly into your new home.

If you want more information on how I can help you find the home of your dreams in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, DC, E-Mail me or call me at 540.419.9206.