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Spring is Coming!

on February 8th, 2013

Getting Ready for Spring!
Yes folks, I know what you’re saying, It’s ONLY February! February will pass quick, and March will come rolling in with a burst of new air. March is a guessing game in the garden, but it can be time to start planting! Normally you’d wonder if the frost has gone for the season, but here are some tips to start you off early this year.
• Start seeds of warm season vegetables and flowers indoors – GREAT idea!
• Keep tabs on plant crowns that may have heaved out of the ground during a thaw
• Begin removing mulch at the end of the month, as temperatures increase.
• Trim shrubs, prune the roses.

These few steps can give you a head start on all your Spring time duties, not to mention the curb appeal! If you plan to list your home in the spring this is a wonderful foot forward.
Keep Up the good work and your home looking wonderful as always!

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